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Before we go any further, I want you to know upfront that there are a few things that we won't tolerate...
  •  Not a place for whiners. We're all different levels of imperfection - we're here to identify and improve what we can. 
  • ​Be nice to each other and yourself!
  • ​Not a place to sell to other members unless specifically requested! (though we WILL have a social hour!)
  • Not a place to recruit clients unless during networking sessions! (and we will feature active participants!)
  • Not a place to go and complain about what isn't right... we're there to figure out how to make it right!
  • ​I DO SWEAR. You were warned!
Check Out These Results From Other BFDs
(Badasses Fulfilling Dreams)
Who trusted Sydney and won...
"Wow, this one hit me square in the head. You're bringing out so many things I guess I just turned off so many years ago."
Melanie McDade - Owner, Southern Charms
"Omgsh! I need to thank you so much!! Since March I knew I needed to make huge shifts...I already knew how much work it took to get to that point.

You shining the light on the importance of focusing on healing has been playing out in some major ways. From what it means to accept and deal with your childhood trauma to every one of my relationships from my children on down."
Kristie A 
"Sydney is very intelligent and everything she puts forth is with excellence. She is very motivational and a great mentor. Anything she offers comes with full knowledge as she does her research and homework.

She’s friendly and quirky. Oh and she talks a lot. Very passionate in her endeavors."
Diane Waddell
"When I think back to when I started talking with Sydney, I was living a lethargic life. I slept more than I was awake because of health issues. I was living in a fog and knew I wanted something more, but I didn't do anything about it.

Sydney's coaching style mixes humor with no judgement but then she puts a kick in the pants when I need it too. I am excited to stay on this journey and really love the exercises and what I'm learning."
Sheila Tannehill
"To say I adore this lady is an understatement. She has a heart of gold and has allowed me an outlet for some of my own writings. I've tapped into so much more (inspiration) lately than I have in a very long time."
Tabitha Cowan - Author
Meet Sydney Brown 

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Sydney grew up in foster care from 2 years old and experienced childhood sexual assault. The poster child for what not to do, she married and divorced five times, always looking for some sort of validation or proof that she mattered to someone other than herself.

She spent 30+ years gaining life experience, but somehow never reached happiness in life until she finally figure out life's biggest secret!

Today her passion is sharing this secret with others who are ready to let go of the past and make a decision that can change their life forever!
Sydney Brown has mastered the art of reinventing and manifesting new and better versions of herself. Today, she's ready to teach you what matters and what is a waste of your precious time! 
  • Sydney Brown is an  author with a DIY approach
  • Has been featured on FOX, CBS, and NBC
  • Trains business people about relationship vs marketing
  • Provides group and private coaching programs
  • Helps people become the SUPERSTAR in their life...
  • And has helped entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies online.

My Story

When people tell me that I handled breast cancer and a double mastectomy with too much calmness, I knew it was time to share what I had learned in the past several years.

Yes, I kicked cancer's ass in 2021!

I knew when I got the diagnosis that I wouldn't have survived emotionally any other time in my life ... except right then!

Once again, God/Universe/Source had my back and made sure I was mentally ready for the journey.
But believe me when I say... I wasn't always calm and mentally strong AF!

I was a total screw up most of my life. On the outside, I could usually hide what lurked below the surface. Most people thought I was "normal" (whatever that looks like).

  - The feelings of abandonment from the bio mother who found it easy to replace me with new kids.
  - The guilt of childhood sexual assault plagued me (don't ask why some of us feel like it was our fault, just know many do and be patient with us).
  - The understanding that boys wanted something from me, that gave me some level of control followed by the years of mishandling that control by making years of bad choices.
  - The five marriages (and divorces) from men who I tried to fit into my storybook vision, taking my kids on the broken journey with me.

Yup, to say I was f*d up is an understatement.

So what changed? I did!

I finally had enough!

They say that you have to hit rock bottom before you reach the point of knowing that 'enough is enough.' I hope that you don't wait that long. My life could have gone even worse, so I don't believe I actually hit rock bottom, but I sure did knock myself silly on some cliffs as I repeatedly fell down.

Once I was 'ready' to Un-F* myself... which was a journey in itself... I knew there was no going back. Sure, we look back and moments that weren't bad and that's a good thing to do. But I sure didn't want to move back into my old mind, old habits, or circles.

What took me so long? Great question!

I now believe that when we're deep in our daily stresses, we really feel like we just need to focus on surviving. We can't dream, we can't push forward, we'll be lucky to get out alive! Right?

Wrong! If you believe like I did, that "one day" things will be better, but you have not made the decision to make that SHIFT (Self Healing Ignites Future Triumph)... you're spinning your wheels.

So if you feel like you have little or no control over your life, money, and wonder if anyone actually cares if you're here or not... you're not alone!

Hang in there! I promise you're not alone! It's time to do this thing and take control of your life!

Besides... I'll make it as fun and enriching as possible... who doesn't wanna be a BFD? :) and become the SUPERSTAR in their own life? 
Become a BFD! 
It's time to make a SHIFT!  

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